Come join us on our Ocean Discovery Camp! Become an active member of our sailing vessel, the S/Y Next Wave, learn to SCUBA dive and go deeper with God while building life long friendships. 


Learn to dive and become a PADI Advanced Diver, sail the Bahamas to dive sites that include plane crashes, sunken ships, night dives, jumping into caves, reefs, drift diving, nurse sharks, wild pigs, iguanas, and much more.


This camp gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and explore how to use them in God’s purpose for the world.


Become a PADI certified Advanced Diver on this 2 month adventure.  Starting with the introductory Open Water Course, students will work with dive instructors to obtain their Advanced Diver certifications, completing all required dives throughout the Bahamas. Students will perform five different types of adventure dives and 20+ dives during the program.


 Individual and small group sessions daily for bible study and devotions, worship, prayer and fellowship with peers and leaders. 


All campers will live on the SY Next Wave, a 136ft sailboat sailing throughout the Exumas. Helping on the ship, diving daily and participating in daily devotionals and worship. Prices include meals, lodging, rental equipment and Nassau airport (NAS) pickup/dropoff. Prices do not include airline tickets.

  • Recreational scuba diving and freediving requires good physical and mental health. There are a few medical conditions which can be hazardous while diving hence we have you review the PADI medical form and complete it appropriately.
  • Complete the e-learning portion of OW course:  You will be receiving the web-based learning materials once accepted to this program.
  • Becoming certified as an Open Water SCUBA diver and be able to dive anywhere in the world! Expand your diving skills through PADI Advanced Open Water certification.
  • We are a Christian organization whose main purpose is to know God and make Him known. Not everyone who serves onboard has to be a Christian; however, while they are members of our team we ask that they’d be willing to participate in all activities, be respectful of our Christian beliefs, and that they live out the Christian values we embrace, on and off the ship.


For those interested in participating in this 2-month Advanced Diver program, please note it is a highly rigorous program, consisting of up to 15-hour days and 6-day weeks. Applicants must be aware of the high level of mental and physical endurance required to successfully complete all the dive courses. Additionally, these students must:

  • Be 18+ years of age
  • Be a strong swimmer (you will be required to pass four stamina tests in order to pass the dive master course– a 400m swim, 15-minute tread, 800m snorkel, and 100m diver tow)
  • Be First Aid and CPR Certified through an internationally recognized first response organization such as Red Cross. Certification must remain valid for the duration of Divemaster Program (certification only lasts 2 years). 
  • Have PADI’s Medical Form filled out and signed by the student and physician. A link to this form will be sent once accepted to this program.
  • Complete the e-learning portion of OW course:  You will be receiving the web-based learning materials once accepted to this program.



Are You Ready to Dive In?

Applications for 2022 Ocean Discovery Camp are open!




The program provides Regulators with Computer Consoles, Buoyancy Compensator Device, Weight System and a Bag to keep your gear together. Personal dive equipment such as a dive mask, a summer spring wetsuit, snorkel, boots and fins are at your expense. Other optional SCUBA equipment such as backup wrist computer, gloves, underwater camera or underwater flash light are at the cost of the student. Questions about cost or equipment can be sent to