David Cowie


Beth Black

Logistics Specialist

Alex Mott

Construction Coordinator

Keith Stewart

Chief Engineer

Julie Copenhaver

Marketing Director

Claire Dresselhaus

Project Coordinator

Chauna Clifford

Travel Agent

Danny Lucerne


Colleen Crawford

Administrative Director

Abby Pennington

Medical Coordinator

Gordon Connell

Technology Specialist

Doug Sparks

Senior Advisor

Nicky Mingledorf

Fundraising Chair

Andy Swanson


Our Crew

on board & on shore

Our crew members are  full-time mariners who work and live aboard M/V Pacific Hope and S/Y Next Wave. We’re always looking for professionals with experience in the galley, engineering, welding, construction, maintenance, and deck. If you’re interested in working on one of our vessels reach out! Currently hiring full-time positions for all vessels. On-Shore positions come open from time to time. Please send an email to info@mvpacifichope.org.