As we roll into month FIVE of this Coronavirus craziness, Pacific Hope Global is still going strong, holding firm in our faith, and pushing through this unprecedented time – but we do need your help.
The Bahamas recently saw their first hurricane of the season, and thankfully, it remained a category one as it swept through the islands with high winds and little damage. Our crew on the M/V Pacific Hope was ready to answer the call for help and Captain Danny Lucerne did a wonderful job of updating everyone with our storm-prep procedures. As this new hurricane season emerges, we look back on the last 10 months in the Bahamas and the support we’ve been blessed to provide since Dorian.

The M/V Pacific Hope continues to aid the Abaco community through firefighting, fresh-water distribution, and medical clinics! We successfully completed our first Eyeglasses Clinic last month, serving nearly 250 children and adults. Some patients traveled more than two hours to receive a pair of prescription glasses, while others attended for their very first eye exam. Most residents do not have the funds or resources for eye care, especially since Hurricane Dorian tore through the Abaco Islands less than a year ago. The main medical clinics are located in the capital of Nassau, a 12-hour ferry ride away. The need for clear sight is in such high demand, we currently have a waiting list of more than 260 people for our next eyeglasses clinic onboard the ship. And this is where we need your help! It only cost Pacific Hope $8 to supply one person with a full eye exam, a pair of reading glasses, and a pair of prescription glasses! Help us give the gift of clear sight by making a donation today.

On the other side of the world, our new sailboat the S/Y Next Wave is almost done with her refit! We had hoped to have her in the water and halfway across the Atlantic by now, but we’ve positively embraced the current world challenges of closed borders, travel restrictions for incoming crew, and a slower supply chain to finish the work. We are delighted to share that the ship is out of dry dock and finally back in the water after 4 months on land! Want to help finish the refit? Show your support by donating to the S/Y Next Wave! 

Our Divemaster DTS continues to grow with students and excitement. The scuba-focused discipleship training begins in the Bahamas on October 5 and there are only a few spots left! Submit your application today for a chance to grow with God while learning a unique skillset. Most students are in the final stages of raising funds for their DTS. If you’re interested in sponsoring a DTS student or donating to our discipleship training program, donate here.
We’re also excited about our recent partnership with YWAM Barbados! It’s been wonderful getting to know the staff members on the island and learning all about the programs on campus, like the Virtual Kids Camp happening now. Find out more and help contribute to the efforts at the YWAM Barbados base.
During this crazy time of Covid, where most people are unable or uncomfortable to travel internationally, there are other ways to show your support and help keep our ministry afloat.

Please continue to pray for our ministry and our efforts in doing the Lord’s work. We value your support and we cannot do this without you!

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